Father…. I never forget you!!!

yesterday,, on sunday.. my father came to my boarding house. Hmmm.. it is my big pleasure 😉 -my father had not come to my boarding house for a long time-
in these 4 days.. he had a task from his company to have audiency with parlement in Jakarta(my father is SP PTKL’s chairman for twice up to now)
He is the great father for me,, his big struggling for our family, his endurance, and his sacrifice for my mother, and both his children make me promise to make him happy on this world and on akhirat too. Amien…
when he talked to me, i looked at him intentionally… Ya Allah, I really want to trackle my tear, I can see his big burden on his face… I feel guilty on him,, until now I just become his burden, I havn’t made him proud of me… forgive me Ya Allah.. Dadd.. forgive your daughter…
Start from now,, I promise that I must do the best for him..
I’m sure that by Allah helps, I can abolish his grief..
Dadd… I love you..
I never forget your virtues… I’m sure that Allah will give the best for you and mother too.. no doubt about it

Author: asa

Green lover ;)

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