Long time this blog isn’t updated…  Start from today I wanna intend to write on this blog often because  I realize that by writing, my mind become tidy 🙂    Beside that, I wanna to  accustom myself  for thinking, writing, and speaking  in English because who knows someday I shall go abroad, whether for worshipping , studying, working, or just  having   a vacation… maybe in Makkah, Madinah, Mesir especially Alexandrai hahaa, England, New York, etc… Amiin 🙂

Although my english hasn’t been as good as everyone who have fluently speaking, I’m sure that I can if I habituate myself to think, write, and speak on English!! So Ganbatte :))

Today, I’m staying for one night  in Ibis Semarang after finishing my job in Rembang… oughh this room is so comfort!! *typing while drinking a cup of coffe :p

 Alhamdulillah the launching of PDAM host to host payment with BRI in front of Bupati, Kapolres, Direktur PDAM, and Pinwil Semarang are successful… thank you Allah… I can do nothing without You 🙂









Author: asa

Green lover ;)

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