It’s never too late to learn ^^

This Sunday morning, I’m gonna post a short writing in English. It’s one of my way to learn the English language. I realize that my English is not so good thus I will promise to myself for learning it from zero to my own hero 😀 and I’m sure it’s never too late to learn!

There are four foundations to learn a language: writing skill, listening skill, reading skill, and speaking skill. To improve it all when we learn the English language, I’ve found some tips that we can practice it daily:

  1. Think in English when you wanna write and speak in English. Not to translate it from the Indonesian to the English version. If you don’t know the vocab, try to explain it using your words.
  2. Reading some books or articles in English to enrich your vocabulary. There are a lot of resources from the Internet.
  3. Listening to TEDx talks. You not only get your vocab and listening skills improved but also so many knowledge got from there.
  4. Singing the western song,  you can practice your pronunciation, improve your listening skill and also your vocab.
  5. Speaking in English about anything, do it every day, at least one minute and record it in your recorder. It’s a way to make you get accustomed to speaking English every day even you have no partner to speak.

It’s simple, isn’t it? Force yourself to do it, enjoy your learning and value your time! ^^

Author: asa

Green lover ;)

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